Straightness is Not a Means to an End

Thirty Day Workshop March 15th- April 15th

This 30 day learning opportunity offers three levels of educational information regarding the building of a foundational launch pad for functional movement in relationship to “straightness”. A basic assessment of the following will be reviewed in the workshop: · Section 1 – Information and facts regarding straightness and ‘where it comes from,’ will encourage students to look at different perspectives, and observe the relationship between emotional, mental and physical principles relative to the topic. · Section 2 – We will evaluate the function of the 3 main junctions in the horse which are not only locomotor apparatus, but contribute to stability as well. · Section 3 – Correct articulation of the spine and its connection to the 3 main junctions of the horse. In addition to the written lessons, evaluation techniques and functional exercises to support core stability in the horse, will be incorporated in this workshop.