Course curriculum

    1. 3) Center of Mass and Center of Gravity

    2. 4) The Neck as a Fulcrum

    3. 5) Compensation Patterns Eventually Will Affect All Systems

    4. 6) What Happens in the Hoof, Does NOT Stay in the Hoof

    5. 7) Meet Merkle and Pacini

    6. 8) The More Distortion The Fewer Merkels

    7. 9) Quick Recap of the Distal Limb

    1. 10) Atlas, The Weight of the World

    2. 11) C2 or Axis

    3. 12) Halter-breaking Babies Can Affect Adult Hooves

    4. 13) Appreciating How Training Can Have Negative Impacts

    5. 14) Did You Know there is a Mirror in the Spine?

    6. 15) Feedback Loop with the Ground

    7. 16) Thoracic Sling

    8. 17) Long Toes can Cause Which Muscle to Atrophy?

    9. 18) The Lumbosacral Bridge

    10. 19) Understanding Antagonists and Introducing Tensegrity

    11. 20) Find Your Zen

    12. 21) Scalenes and the Latissimus Dorsi

    13. 22) What Other Pathology Piggybacks with NPAs?

    1. 23) Aim for Perfection, Settle for Excellence

    2. 24) Geometry in Motion

    3. 25) Yay Physics!

    4. 26) Compounding factors

    5. 27) Always Think Holistically

    1. 28) Circulation and Terrain

    2. 29) Storytime!

    3. 30) Good Digital Cushions Help Create Nice Hooves

    4. 31) Stepping Further Along with the Nervous System

    5. 32) Don't Forget the Zen!

    1. Murphy, Case Study 1, Part 1

    2. Murphy, Case Study 1, Part 2

    3. Bowie, Case Study 2

    4. Bye for Now!

About this course

  • $250.00
  • 37 lessons
  • 4 hours of video content

What Will You Learn?

Horses are complex systems moving through space and time. It is rare to find two elite equine professionals teaming up to explore and share their knowledge in a way that makes the complicated seem approachable AND inspiring!

  • Who should take this Class?

    Everyone! Owners, Riders, Trainers, Trimmers...

    All joking aside, this class opens the view we have into these magnificent creatures and will speak to some of your frustrations as a horse-owner of 'Why does my horse do that!?' The more we know, the better we can do. This online class is an engaging primer into what is going on below the skin and how to start finding answers for your equine journey.


Deb Davies, nor Ida Hammer, are veterinarians, surgeons, or other medical professionals. All information is shared for educational purposes only, and is not intended to take the place of medical advice. There is always liability when working with horses, please know that you are accepting that risk for yourself if you choose to be with horses.

Eventually this class will live on both Deb's and Ida's platforms. However proceeds are divided equally between the co-facilitators, so it does not matter which platform you purchase this class from.